Cecil Court At Christmas


As well as our legendary Christmas party and carol singalong, Cecil Court likes to get into the festive swing by commissioning a Christmas card. Here’s some artwork from past years for you to enjoy…


david roberts, 2014

There’s a lot happening in this subtle and slightly spooky picture of Cecil Court, by artist David Roberts. We first came across David’s work in Chris Priestley’s Tales of Terror, and we knew that he was the right person to capture the strange magic of Cecil Court at Christmas.


rosie brooks, 2015

These carol singers lift the spirits of shopkeepers and residents alike as they gather under the gas-lamp in a snowy Cecil Court scene. Rosie Brooks’ long association with the world of opera and with clubland came together that year to make her our artist of choice – and now Rosie’s a firm friend and favourite of Cecil Court year-round.


stephen walter, 2016

This detailed and fascinating image brings together the past and present of Cecil Court. We never ask to have the gas-lamp included, but it’s here again as the focal point of Stephen Walter’s wise and witty memory map. You might recognise Stephen’s famous work on the lost Rivers of London from Ben Aaronovitch’s series of novels, or you might have spotted it in a Cecil Court shop window.


Paul Birkbeck, 2017

Paul Birkbeck is a longstanding friend and visitor whose knowledge of and affection for Cecil Court shines in this beautiful illumination. Each letter is picked out with the care and rich colour of a mediaeval manuscript, showing the wonderful things Cecil Court has to offer the Christmas visitor – and the more you visit, the more you know.


Dominique Densmore, 2018

This enchanting view of Cecil Court is so replete with detail and allusion that I had to hang the original artwork on my wall at home to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. Drawn in one Christmastime by the carol singing, Dominique Densmore quickly understood what makes Cecil Court such a special place.